On the 21-22 of June, we took part in the scientific and technological conference ‘Logistics and technology of the railway works’, which took place in Raszyn. The conference was organized by the Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers in co-operation with the Railway Office and the subsidiaries. The aim of the conference was to present the latest solutions and techniques in the field of rail logistics and technologies, as well as to exchange the experiences and practices between participants of the construction process on the railway: national infrastructure manager, designers, general contractors and subcontractors of track works, equipment and machinery manufacturers, as well as organizers of rail, foundation, crushed stone and junctions supplies.

Meeting’s priority was to identify the needs of the track works market, through selecting suitable materials, employees’ qualifications, selecting the right tools and machines and determining the optimal sequence of implementation concerning individual operations of the technological process. The emphasis was put on promoting the mechanization as a way to increase the efficiency and shorten the time of works’ execution that would reduce the time of closing the tracks, as well as on replacing hard, physical work with the work of the machines.

Full thematic scope of the conference:

  • Technologies of the railway works
  • The specificity of renovations, upgrades and repairs
  • Particular technological rigours of building the track in ld114 light
  • Technical and operational parameters in the works’ individual phases
  • Rail reprofiling and other highly specialized works
  • Scheduling deliveries, works and collections (shift management)
  • Practices concerning managing the rails (steel mills, welders, as well as storage,transportation and unloading)
  • Development of supporting tools (small mechanization)
  • Track and two-way machines – qualities, availability, purpose and admission
  • Servicing of machines and tools in the construction and maintenance process
  • Regeneration

Thank you for an interesting exchange of views.