GREBOPOX® is a solvent-free, unfilled, undyed, two-component, reactive epoxy resin, designed to reinforce soil skeletons (pasting ballast, stabilizing the substructure, bonding of stone components and aggregates in both dry and moist environments). The resin is known from the rigidity and compressive strength, as well as low viscosity, good penetration of the substrate, adjustable hardening time, low flammability.


  • very high mechanical strength
  • rigid-elastic work model
  • the possibility of application in humid conditions
  • low viscosity
  • adjustable binding time
  • good substratum penetration
  • low flammability


  • It has been tested as a coating system in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1 with a layer thickness of approximately 70 mm;
  • It has been classified as Bfl-s1 non-flammable (Report no. 2005-1858-1, classification report no. 2005-1858-K1-1, Exova WarringtonFire, Frankfurt);
  • It has been classified as harmless to groundwater by the Institute for Hygiene Gelsen- kirchen (Report K-106409-11-Bs / st);
  • Resistance to frost and de-icing salts was examined by the Marth ISFT office, Mending (test report 8307-1).

Technical data

Bond strength Higher than the strength of concrete
Density at 23 ° C and 50% relative humidity: Approximately 1,09 g/cm3
Content of solid substances 100%
Hardness in the Shore scale D 80-86
VISCOSITY (25 ° C, V03.4) Component A: 550 – 850 mPas
Component B: 400 – 600 mPas

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After complete fastening, Grebopox® resin is resistant to water, seawater and sewage. It is also resistant to plenty of lye solutions, dilute acids, salt solutions, mineral oils, greases, fuels and many solvents.